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Multiple skills training

Event Planning Program

Industry experience

Meet the team & view the campus

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Students have class in a friendly & creative atmosphere.


Dinamic learning

This qualification is hands-on.  Theory is put into practice.

The Event Industry

Use a broad knowledge of the events industry to support event co-ordination through all phases, namely research, plan, design, conduct and evaluate in different contexts.

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Chrisna Bakkes

With years of experience and a passion for the industry, Chrisna Bakkes, leads students to perfecting the art of creating successful events.

Event Planner

Shuttle service & Accommodation

At an additional cost per month, we offer the service of a shuttle for students without transport.

The Academy offers accomodation at an extra cost per month at our residence, 'Little Hollywood'.

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Health & Safety for Events

Be able to identify and respond to factors, faults or incidents that increase the safety and security risk for staff and customers.

Unique student experience

Students can flourish in the student town, Potchefstroom.  The  town offers a variety of malls, coffee shops, gyms and churches.

Buffet Party

Tourism & Events

Knowledge of South Africa contributes to a tourism sector that reflects the diversity of South Africa and its growing sense of nationhood.

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